Sustain:Green Partners With Carbon Trade Exchange

Sustain:Green Partners With Carbon Trade Exchange To Expand Eco-Friendly Credit Card Program

Sustain:Green, who offers a sustainable and biodegradable MasterCard®, has formed a partnership with Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX) to promote the card and incorporate the CTX global trading platform. CTX provides corporations and non-profits an easy-to-use platform to reduce their carbon footprint. The Sustain:Green MasterCard similarly empowers individuals and organizations to fight climate change through everyday use. This partnership advances the companies’ shared mission of using market-based solutions to address global environmental and social challenges.  Members of CTX interested in incorporating the Sustain:Green MasterCard into their sustainability program or promoting it to their constituents should contact either Sustain:Green or their CTX representative to learn more about the financial, social and reputational benefits.

Anyone  receiving their card through this partnership is awarded a bonus of 10,000 lbs of carbon offsets  upon first use, roughly equivalent to taking their car off the road for a year. Carbon offsets are rewarded on a continual basis, eliminating at least 2 pounds of CO2 for every dollar spent.  Additionally, all the funds Sustain:Green spends purchasing carbon offsets goes to funding  Mata no Pieto rainforest preservation projects in Brazil. Cardholders receive a personal carbon calculator to track their progress on reducing their carbon footprint, and are presented with CO2 reducing and money-saving challenges they can take individually or as a team.

“The free and automatic nature of the rewards removes all the traditional barriers consumers have faced. Now, people can take greater action on global climate disruption on a daily basis.” 

— Scott Hernandez, Head of Sales & Trading, NA, Carbon Trade Exchange

“We are incredibly excited at this new opportunity for consumers to participate in voluntary carbon offsets and help raise awareness around how individuals can reduce their personal carbon footprints,” said Scott Hernandez, Head of Sales & Trading (North America) at CTX. “We are impressed with the innovative approach Sustain:Green has taken to reward consumers with carbon offsets for their every spending. The free and automatic nature of the rewards removes all the traditional barriers consumers have faced. Now, people can take greater action on global climate disruption on a daily basis.”

The partnership with CTX will also offer new avenues for Sustain:Green to work with non-profits and corporations who are already committed to sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR). By sharing the Sustain:Green MasterCard with their members and employees, organizations can anonymously track the collective carbon reduction of their cardholders. For each new member who signs up for a card, Sustain:Green offsets 5,000 pounds of carbon on their behalf, in addition to the 5,000 pounds of carbon offsets on each card activation.   

Partnering with CTX creates an opportunity to broaden that scope of carbon reduction projects supported by the Sustain:Green MasterCard to include providing capital to renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. CTX operates spot exchanges in multiple global environmental commodity markets, including carbon, renewable energy certificates (RECs) and water, across Australia, Europe, and the US.

“More than 80% of global consumers consider Corporate Social Responsibility when deciding where to work, where and what to purchase and what to recommend. Through our carbon offset rewards, we’re taking the sustainable drive consumers have one step further by making any purchasing choice a sustainable one,” said Arthur Newman, CEO of Sustain:Green. “Consumers consistently say they want greater access to sustainable choices. This partnership with Carbon Trade Exchange broadens the types of projects Sustain:Green rewards can fund and stretches the environmental impact of our cardholders’ actions.”  Newman noted that their new website, Carbon Rally will provide an information-rich friendly gamification platform for teams and individuals to compete to lower their carbon footprint and learn about ways they can save money through environmentally friendly actions.


About Sustain:Green

Sustain:Green is a provider of unique credit cards, supported by MasterCard® and issued by Commerce Bank, that offer carbon reduction rewards with every swipe. The founders of Sustain:Green combined their backgrounds in finance, green technology and carbon markets, with their passion for sustainable living, to create a financial services product with social value. Every time the biodegradable cards are used, a concrete contribution to the fight against climate change is made through carbon offsets and reforestation projects. Sustain:Green partners with leading environmental organizations and financial institutions, such as the American Carbon Registry, who share in their vision of a healthier planet. Sustain:Green’s Carbon Rally is a gamification platform offering individuals and groups a fun, simple and social way to save money and reduce CO2. For further information, please visit or

About Carbon Trade Exchange

CTX was founded in 2009 after two years of research and development to operate spot exchanges in multiple global environmental commodity markets, including Carbon, Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and Water. The CTX Exchange Platform uniquely interfaces with multiple environmental commodity registries, including APX, Climate Action Reserve, American Carbon Registry, VCS, Gold Standard and the Australian REC Registry. CTX electronically links to financial intermediaries, such as Wells Fargo in North America, to provide efficient trading and create liquid and transparent markets. CTX is expanding globally, with its head office in Sydney, Australia, and international operations in the USA and Europe. For further information, please visit


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